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Approximately 250 million people use Twitter often, and the majority are just common, ordinary people.They normally use their accounts to talk about their adorable pets, favorite tv programs and ongoing romances, and their don't cause much stir.Usually there are some people, however, who do get some type of public profile, so they could use their Twitter feeds to fully destroy their own reputations.

In January of 2013 alone, there were three epic installments of Twitter disaster.

First off, the Cardinals opponent Darnell Dockett sent a series of messages of a friend's girlfriend, providing her together with phone number and inviting her to a strip club, review. Dockett thought those messages were private, but unfortunately, the whole world can see what he was around with such little notes, including his friend. Mere days later, an English midfielder was compelled to apologize to a new player for an argument that took place on Twitter that spun out of hand and may have veered into offensive territory, Yahoo! reports.

In another sports gaffe, a hockey referee developed a reference to a group in a public tweet, and it's now under investigation from the Ontario Hockey League, in line with the Windsor Star.In this case, the ref states that his comments were meant as a private joke, but outsiders interpreted the messages as a slur.

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